Choosing the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you are being charged with a criminal offense in the US, you should be advised of your Miranda rights, and one of these rights is that to an attorney or legal counsel. If you can’t afford one, a public defender will be assigned to protect your interests. However, a public defender may not be able to provide you with the representation you need because they are often juggling several cases at the same time and don’t have the same resources as a private lawyer. If you are facing serious charges, you should make every effort to get the best possible criminal defense lawyer you can get.

Choosing the right criminal defense lawyer will depend on a number of factors. One of these is whether you are being charged with a state or federal crime.  Not all lawyers have the requisite experience to handle a federal case, which is typically more complex than a state case. A federal case is prosecuted by the US Attorney’s office, where the lawyers tend to have more resources than a state prosecutor, so the prosecution also tends to be a tougher nut to crack.

Another factor to consider is specialization. Lawyers are theoretically licensed by the state to practice any type of legal work, but an experienced corporate lawyer may not be as effective in a criminal case as a criminal defense lawyer. Even then, not all criminal defense lawyers are created equal. You will want one that handles mostly, if not exclusively, the same type of crime of which you are charged with. Check on the lawyer’s track record to get a feel for competence. Failing that, find a lawyer who is willing to spend the time and energy to study your case thoroughly and construct an effective defense.

It is also important that you choose a lawyer you can work with. A criminal defense lawyer should be articulate and a good negotiator, qualities which are important in arguing a case. You don’t necessarily have to like your attorney, but he or she should inspire your confidence and respect because you have to be able to rely on your lawyer in this most crucial of tasks.